Matthew Thomas


January 1st, 2005

  1. Study more.
  2. Delay less.
  3. Make the Web a better place.


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Resolutions – 2005-01-01

Study more. Delay less. Make the Web a better place.

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What I’ve been doing over the past three weeks – 2004-12-16

Picking onions is like this.

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2004 end-of-year results – 2004-12-06


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Hacking against the Ministry of Truth – 2004-10-22

The Internet Archive is not a reliable tool for keeping governments and other organizations honest. But democracy-minded hackers could produce software that does a better job.

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Following Atom renaming, GIF to be renamed PNG – 2004-09-30

The GIF renaming follows recent unilateral decisions by the developers of the Safari and Firefox Web browsers to rename the Atom syndication format as RSS.

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