I read the news today, oh boy

I use PulpFiction Lite to keep up with new items in (almost) all my favorite Web sites. I like PulpFiction because it works like an e-mail program; I can delete items once I’ve read them, and I can leave items for later if they’re too long to read right now.

Unfortunately, at the moment, too long to read right now applies to pretty much everything. I’m still not getting the grades I want, so reading (and writing) on the Web is having to take a back seat.

Which is why, at the moment, in PulpFiction Lite’s InBox I have 4651 items waiting to be read. To give you some idea of how far behind I am, in the Web I inhabit, Marlon Brando is still alive, New Zealand still has friendly diplomatic relations with Israel, and the US still hasn’t handed over sovereignty of Iraq to the Iraqis.

… At least, that was what the Web looked like two hours ago. Since then I have upgraded from PulpFiction Lite 1.0 to PulpFiction Lite 1.0.1, which deleted all my unread items without asking.

I guess that’s solved that problem.

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