Wanted: an old encrypted Web site

Can anyone point me to an https site that still works in Netscape Navigator 2.02? If you can, please e-mail me. (Or if you’re a MetaFilter member feeling really generous, you could ask there on my behalf comment in the AskMe thread — thanks Aaron.)

Yahoo’s secure login page, for example, works in Navigator 3.04, but 2.02 reports: The server’s certificate has an invalid signature. You will not be able to connect to this site securely.

I guess secure sites that work in Navigator 2.02 are quite rare because the strongest encryption that browser supported is now dangerously insecure. But I’m interested in what the interface looked like, for something I’m going to be posting here after my exams.

2004-06-24: I have installed Thawte’s old certificate authority into Navigator 2.02 with no problems, but still have no sites to use it with.

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