Things that are the new black

Red and yellow and pink and green, purple and orange and blue

Abstinence, alcohol, anal sex, animation, anti-Semitism, aubergine, awareness, Ayurvedic treatments, babies, being Irish, being New Wave-influenced, biography, bisexuals, black and white, blacker, black eyes, blackshirts, bland, Blatt, blood, bobby pins, bomber jackets, bowling, Boy and Girl blues rock, broadband, brownshirts, Buddhism, brown, calico, camera phones, camouflage, carnage, chocolate, Channel Five, China, chrysanthemums, coco, comic-book adaptations, contra, Czech, dachshunds, David Beckham, death, denim, duct tape accessories, Dunedin, e-mail marketing, fashion journalism, fat, fawns, flatiron steak, games, gay, geek, giant slippers, gloom, gold, gray, grey, Hapa, horses, imperialism, income, the Internet, iridescence, J K Rowling, knitting, lemon, the malevole text generator, maroon, masks, meat, men, minimalism, minimalist-chic interiors, money, mono, monogamy, multi-core, no-frills, low-cost airlines, noir, online shopping, orangutans, outsourcing, over-50s, pirates, plagiarism, pompoms, porn, portability, post black, poverty, public spending and regulation, The Rapture, RSS, sandwiches, scar tissue, security management, seeking asylum, shabby-chic, silver, simplicity, small, sperm whales, spontaneity, style sheets, superblack, tables, tan, technology, titanium, twin CD-R decks, undesign, value, variations of pink, walnut, war, wearing protection, wetsuits, white, white weddings, widescreen TVs, XML, yoga, and zombies.

And, of course, black.

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