Why I use WordPress

Last Sunday, I upgraded the software running this site to WordPress 1.0.

I use WordPress for three reasons.

  1. I can’t, and shouldn’t, control the sites that link to mine. So when they do link, I should make sure their links don’t break. The URIs (addresses) WordPress provides for each article I write are almost exactly how I want them. Even if I change everything else about the site — including the software it runs on — the addresses can stay the same.

  2. WordPress is licensed under the GNU General Public License. I generally prefer GPLed software, because over a period of decades, it maximizes the rights of those who use it. (In the short run things may be different, but I’m a long-run sort of person.)

  3. WordPress is currently not very popular. Therefore sites that use it are, in general, a less tempting target for attackers. As a side benefit, the developers are very responsive to feedback from users of the software.

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