Yahoo: We love those “blog” thingummies

December 31st, 2005

Yahoo 360°: “An easy way to keep connected to friends and family with blogs, photos, and more.” “ lets you keep an eye on your favorite weblogs via the web and email … has been acquired by yahoo!”

Yahoo Japan Blogs: “「ブログって何だろう」という人もカンタンに作ることができます。さあ、早速あなただけのブログを作ってみましょう!”

Yahoo Search Blog: “A look inside the world of search from the people of Yahoo!”

Flickr: “With Flickr you can blog the photos you take with a cameraphone … Copyright © 2005 Yahoo! Inc.” “Yahoo will offer users the ability to create blogs using Six Apart’s Movable Type software and have them hosted on Yahoo Small Business hosting service.”

Meanwhile, at Yahoo Games:
'blog' is not a word.