How to type French characters

Character in Mac OS in Windows with English (United States) keyboard layout in Windows with English (International) keyboard layout
à Option+`, a Alt+133 `, a
À Option+`, A Alt+0192 `, A
â Option+i, a Alt+131 Shift+^, a
 Option+i, A Alt+0194 Shift+^, A
ä Option+u, a Alt+132 ', a
Ä Option+u, A Alt+142 ', A
ç Option+c Alt+135 right Alt+<
Ç Option+C Alt+128 Shift+right Alt+<
è Option+`, e Alt+138 `, e
È Option+`, E Alt+0200 `, E
é Option+e, e Alt+130 ', e
É Option+e, E Alt+144 ', E
ê Option+i, e Alt+136 Shift+^, e
Ê Option+i, E Alt+0202 Shift+^, E
ë Option+u, e Alt+137 Shift+", e
Ë Option+u, E Alt+0203 Shift+", E
î Option+i, i Alt+140 Shift+^, i
Î Option+i, I Alt+0206 Shift+^, I
ï Option+u, i Alt+139 Shift+", i
Ï Option+u, I Alt+0207 Shift+", I
ô Option+i, o Alt+147 Shift+^, o
Ô Option+i, O Alt+0212 Shift+^, O
œ Option+q Alt+0156 Alt+0156
ΠOption+Q Alt+0140 Alt+0140
ù Option+`, u Alt+151 `, u
Ù Option+`, U Alt+0217 `, U
û Option+i, u Alt+150 Shift+^, u
Û Option+i, U Alt+0219 Shift+^, U
ü Option+u, u Alt+129 Shift+", u
Ü Option+u, U Alt+154 Shift+", U
ÿ Option+u, y Alt+0255 Shift+", y
ÿ Option+u, Y Alt+0159 Shift+", Y
^ Shift+^ Shift+^ Shift+^, Space
` ` ` `, Space
' ' ' ', Space
" Shift+" Shift+" Shift+", Space
« Option+ Alt+0171 right Alt+[
» Shift+Option+ Alt+0187 right Alt+]
Shift+Option+2 Alt+0128 Ctrl+right Alt+5


  • For the Alt+number combinations in Windows, you must use the numeric keypad, not the number keys along the top of the keyboard.

  • Some characters may not work in some fonts.

  • To turn on the English (International) and other keyboard layouts for a Windows account at the University of Otago: choose Start, General Software, Utilities, Foreign Language Support, then restart the computer when asked. (You only need to do this once per year.)

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