I’m at Canterbury Faire, fully expecting to have the worst time of my life, and the bus arrives. All these people spill out and there is gear all over the place. And I turned around and saw Matt. I thought phwooarh! — that’s a bit of all right!

Then I saw my friend Teresa from Wellington, and I realised that he and her had arrived together. Now I knew that Teresa had a man she was keeping in the dark, and I assumed Matt was him.

They set up their tents, and Teresa came down to the Mangy Mongol where I was working. I took one look at her and I said bitch! Teresa looked at me and said what did I do? And I said trust you to be with the best-looking guy in the entire event! She said What? Me? I’m not with him, he’s my next-door neighbour.

And from later that evening, Matt and I were inseparable for the entire event.