The SCA is a nice complete change from what I normally do. I spend a lot of time in front of a computer dealing with … slightly more modern technologies, and yes, I like that, it’s fun, but the old stuff has a certain charm as well. SCA is what I disappear off and do when I’m not disappearing off to do observing.

For a group that wants to recreate the Dark Ages, Middle Ages, not particularly technologically advanced times, they’re computer literate and generally well-read and well-educated. There does tend to be a lot of reading of fantasy and science fiction, and possibly role-playing as well. I’m not certain that that’s a guarantee. You will get people interested in medieval stuff who aren’t into any of those, but a lot of people are interested in all of those. Whether there’s any particular personality trait which makes you more likely to put on armour and hit people with sticks, I don’t know.